Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

Q:What bugs do the Insect Trap catch?

A:The UV Light Insect Trap attracts fruit flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitoes.

Q:What’s the night light mode?

A:The Insect trap will automatically turn on when the room is dark enough and turn off again when it’s bright. When plugged into socket, it auto enters the UV light mode, press the button to switch to night light mode.

Q:When should I use the Insect Trap?

A:Our traps work best at night! The UV Light can sometimes be hard for insects to see in a brightly lit room. We recommend running your Insect Trap at night in a dimly lit space to get rid of gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and more! 

Q: How are the Fly Trap powered?

A:It must be plugged in.

Q:What size room will the Fly Trap work in?

A:To best get rid of gnats, our effective coverage area is 320 square feet. Larger spaces will require more Insect Traps.

Q:How long can the Insect Traps run for?

A:The UV light works best in the dark, so run these at nighttime for best results. The Fly Trap can run all night to get rid of gnats, catch nighttime mosquitoes, and kill annoying fruit flies. The led beads could last over 1000 hours.

Q:How do I get rid of gnats in houseplants?

A:Place your UV Light Insect trap near the source of your gnats or fruit flies in your home whether it is the trashcan, fruit basket, or your favorite houseplant. 

Q:How many glue boards come with the Insect Trap?

A:Our Insect Trap come with 5 Glue Boards to rid your home of rids, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and more!

Q:Can the Insect Trap be used outside?

A:No, our trap is specially designed to get rid of gnats, catch fruit flies, and kill mosquitoes in your home.

Q:How often should I run my Insect Trap to get rid of gnats?

A:As frequently as you need it! At first, you may find that you need to run your Insect Trap regularly to get rid of your gnats and other bugs. As your bug problem decreases you may only need to run it at night. 

Q:What's the warranty on this product?

A:One-year warranty.  

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Why the glue boards are double sided ? Product misleading in your advertisement…

Hernandez Cesar

Hey! I purchased 2 of the UVA fly insect traps about 6 months ago. I was questioning why the color was purple. I just ordered another one. It’s now a blue color. Is there any way of I could return 2 of them to get the same color of blue white.


We purchased these traps expecting them to trap and kill flies. They don’t seem to be able to handle that assignment even though they are called UVA Fly Insect Traps. Please let me know how they can catch the flies we need to get rid of.


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