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Mosalogic Fly Repellent Fan

Mosalogic Fly Repellent Fan

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  • [Guard against bothersome flies with Mosalogic table fly repellent fan]-Say goodbye to constant swatting and enjoy a hassle-free outdoor dining experience. Engineered to cover a 3-4 ft range per fan without chemicals.With this fan in place, bid farewell to pesky flies and bugs. Now, relish your meals in peace, enjoying their freshness, while also having ample time to chat with friends.
  • [Innovative Dual-Deterrence Fly Fan] - The blades feature a holographic dot pattern, bending and refracting light as they spin. Coupled with its Anti-Bug Light, this device effectively repels flies and bugs. Unlike standard tabletop fly spinners, this unique device boasts XL holographic blades and engineered anti-bug amber lights for superior efficiency. It utilizes motion and light to deter flies effectively
  • [Soft Blades & Stop-On-Contact] - Large, ultra-safe holographic blades create predator-like visual reflections, safely and efficiently deterring flies. The quiet rotation engine includes a soft-stop feature, immediately halting upon detecting contact with humans or pets.A consistent blade speed and 360-degree rotation ensure clear air without any disruptive noise. This sleek and compact tool efficiently eliminates all flies.
  • [Long-lasting Flies Repellent ]- Enjoy efficient and soundless battery-powered fly fans for outdoor tables. Say goodbye to annoying fly buzz and noisy fly-away fans. Petrifly's soundless, long-lasting fly fan lasts up to 12 hours, offering portability and lightweight design for easy transport. Keep your outdoor space fly-free for longer hours with this picnic table fly deterrent.
  • [Multifunctional Fly Repellent ]- The user-friendly multi-speed touch control system allows you to adjust the speed precisely based on prevailing fly disturbances. The integrated hanging hook enables convenient positioning over doors, tables, or picnic areas, providing broader coverage and keeping flies away from your patio.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for parties, BBQs, picnics, and more.


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